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Happy New Year’s Eve!

Happy New Year’s Eve! I’m not great at resolutions (thanks to Better than Before, I can finally accept my Obliger personality) but I do like to reflect on the past year and think about the upcoming year around this time. In all honesty, I completely forgot about my 2015 resolution: Live with intention. Oops… If… Continue reading Happy New Year’s Eve!

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Foundation to Finished: December 2015

Woohoo, the post I’ve been waiting to write all year, ever since we started looking for a house! December marked the last month of progress, and we’re officially all moved in.  Even with a couple snafus like the wrong backsplash tile installed, the shower floor tile being discontinued, one missing cabinet handle on backorder, etc.,… Continue reading Foundation to Finished: December 2015

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DIY Over-the-Collar Dog Scarf

When I saw an over-the-collar dog bandana at the Cumberland Valley Quilt Show a few months ago, I thought it would be the cutest gift for my parents’ dog Clyde. Then I started thinking of all the people with dogs in their lives… and suddenly I had the perfect Christmas gift on my hands! I… Continue reading DIY Over-the-Collar Dog Scarf

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you & yours! Wishing you lots of peace and love, and a happy new year! This year we’re sending out New Year cards, but per tradition, here are our cards from Christmases past: 2014 … 2013 Front Back … 2012 … 2011 Front Back It was almost this card… … 2010 … Merry… Continue reading Merry Christmas!

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TBT: Christmas Eve Traditions

I have such fond memories of reading picture books as the days led up to Christmas (even when I was much too “old” for picture books), but Christmas Eve was always special.  My parents would read our two favorite books every single Christmas Eve: The Little Golden Book Story of Christmas and The Berenstain Bears’ Christmas.… Continue reading TBT: Christmas Eve Traditions

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WIP Wednesday: Closing Day!

Quick check-in to let you know it’s closing day… crossing fingers and toes, knocking on wood, etc. that everything goes smoothly today… we are both equal parts excited and nervous! Everything is packed up… the only work in progress going on around here is preparing to travel for the holidays and all the last minute details… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Closing Day!

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Woodland Creatures Cross Stitch: December

Wow… here we are at the end of 2015, and the last monthly post of another year-long cross stitch project! During the last couple months, I didn’t think I’d actually finish on time, but here we are. It was such a joy to stitch each block this year – those Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery girls really are the… Continue reading Woodland Creatures Cross Stitch: December

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Meow Monday: Almost There…

Posting might be a bit light for the next couple weeks… so much is happening!  (Closing on the loan, traveling for Christmas, moving to the new house, New Year’s Eve/Day, unpacking, catching up at work in between days off, etc. etc.!) I’ve certainly had a few overwhelmed moments, but it’s all coming together so I’m trying… Continue reading Meow Monday: Almost There…