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Nike+ Training Club App

December is not the most popular month to be thinking about exercise, but I know (from painful experience) that if I let my routine get out of whack then I have a really hard time getting back on the bandwagon. Last year right around this time, I stopped doing any exercise AT ALL and it took me until this summer (and 10 extra pounds) to finally get back into exercising regularly – and I know the exact date I got started again because it’s all documented in my favorite exercise app, Nike+ Training Club!
The Amateur Librarian // Nike+ Training Club App Review
June – 149 minutes (14 workouts)
July – Nothing!
August – 292 minutes(17 workouts)
September – 285 minutes (11 workouts)
October – 406 minutes (11 workouts)
November – 510 minutes (15 workouts)
At first, every 15-minute workout left me sweating and out of breath. I picked whatever workout looked like fun each day, but eventually I knew I would need the extra accountability of a training program to make myself go for the harder, longer workouts.
I’ve done two 4-week training programs so far:
Get Lean Intermediate: 540 minutes – 15 out of 16 workouts completed
Get Toned Intermediate: 465 minutes – 14 out of 16 workouts completed
The Amateur Librarian // Nike+ Training Club App Review
If you’re interested in the app, especially the 4-week training programs, here are a few pros and cons from my experience:
  • for each 4-week program, the daily workouts are decided for you, so no more waffling over what to pick each day
  • it’s very satisfying to get badges, “nikefuel” etc. along the way, and the app generates social media posts if (like me) you like seeing something tangible to track and share your progress. (I’m such an Obliger)
  • each workout is easy to follow, with videos and step-by-step pictures of each exercise
  • easy to do at home, no special equipment needed
  • keeps track of your stats – how many minutes you’ve worked out, what workouts you’ve done, etc.   Even if you have to delete the app at any point, you can still log into your account and see your history

The Amateur Librarian // Nike+ Training Club App Review

  • can’t change which days your workouts are scheduled (definitely the worst con in my opinion – sometimes a day of the week just doesn’t work but there’s no way to reschedule the training days)
  • can’t change which workouts you have to do
  • if you miss a day, you can’t make it up (so frustrating not to get 100% complete program at the end if you missed 1 workout. It’s stupid to care about a little digital badge on an app, I know, but the little rewards help keep me going)
  • other exercise doesn’t count – if you go to the gym, or go for a run, it doesn’t count toward completing the program


The Amateur Librarian // Nike+ Training Club App Review
For all its frustrating flaws, it’s the only thing that’s kept me working out over the past few months. I’ve completed two 4-week training programs and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the way my clothes fit and how I feel on a daily basis.
The Amateur Librarian // Nike+ Training Club App Review
If you know any other apps that work for you, let me know! This one definitely isn’t perfect, but it’s working for now… and my favorite motto for good habits applies here: Whatever works!

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