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San Francisco City Sights: Favorite Nob Hill Food

I’ve been trying to clean out my drafts folder and came across a slapdash post from 2012, while we were still living in San Francisco. It was just a list of my favorite local places to eat, and I think I intended to take pictures of my favorite meals at each place but it never happened. And by local I mean within walking distance from our apartment in Nob Hill at the intersection of Sacramento and Hyde, one street down from Polk – if you’re ever in the area, you should check them out! I still miss crab cakes from Street and frozen yogurt from Loving Cup when I’m hungry and lamenting the chain-restaurant options around here.

I wasn’t even sure if these places were still around, but a quick Google search shows me they are 🙂

City sights from a local’s perspective:

Best Italian: Nob Hill Café (close second: Allegro Romano for the cozy atmosphere and generous waitstaff who would top off our wine glasses every time they came to the bottom of a bottle)

Best Ice Cream: A tie between Swensen’s for traditional and Loving Cup for frozen yogurt

Best Crab Cake: Street (every Friday night!)

Best Burger: A three-way tie between Pearl’s (cheapest), Polker’s (all-around tasty), and Nob Hill Grill (gourmet/fancy)

Best Breakfast:  Mymy coffee shop (especially their weekend specials)

Best Coffee: Royal Grounds

Best Meat-and-Potatoes: Tommy’s Joynt (conveniently across the street from the movie theatre, and one block away from the historical Unitarian Universalist church)

Best pizza: ZA Pizza (huge slices!)

I also loved a little Mediterranean place on Polk Street that I can’t remember the name of, so tiny that we would often sit at the bar because the 3 other tables were full, and I would eat the best grilled shrimp skewers with lemons and roasted vegetables on the side. My other favorite, if we were downtown, was the Cafe Bistro restaurant at the top of Nordstrom’s – sometimes I’d get a craving for their risotto with asparagus and make the bus trip just for that (and I don’t like asparagus). There were also a few hole-in-the-wall Italian places in North Beach that were great too – I wish I could remember the names of each restaurant.

This list is making me nostalgic… and hungry! Walking everywhere got old after a while, but now I miss it… and those hills cancelled out a lot of calories 🙂

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