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High Five for Friday!

Happy New Year!
So much has happened over the past couple weeks, I couldn’t pick just 5 highlights… so I’ll save that for another post. Instead, here’s a look at the highlights of 2015.
The Amateur Librarian // H54F The Amateur Librarian // H54F
1 – New House. Of course this is #1! Buying our first house was a big milestone, and watching the whole process unfold from signing paperwork in May to moving in December was quite a journey.
2 – Career.  In my second year at this job, I feel like I’ve really grown into my role as production editor. Of course there are good days and bad, but overall I’m really happy to be here and feel like my contribution is appreciated.
3 – Travel. Our big trip this year was a family vacation in Toronto for my aunt’s wedding, but the smaller weekend trips were also great chances to explore TN. I say it a lot, but I love living close enough to drive to see family for graduations, holidays, high school reunions, etc. and we took advantage of the distance a lot this year.
4 – Favorite Makes. I can’t pick just one! But of the quilts I made this year, I really love the Low Volume Plus quilt, and the Modern Maples quilt was very special too. When it comes to cross stitch, I really enjoyed the yearlong Woodland Creatures sampler, and showing some love to the Fall holiday with A Little Boo, and (two!) Give Thanks finishes.
5 – Numbers. 2015 is the year I turned 28, hubby turned 29, and we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. No round numbers, and no big celebrations, but 2015 has been a good year to us!

Cheers to 2016!

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