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2016 Crafty Resolutions

Let’s just pretend that the entire month of January is appropriate for talking about resolutions and goals, ok? It still counts as the start of the new year, even if there are only three days left in the month…

Once again, I didn’t make a long list of resolutions for the new year, but I realized that I DID make some crafty goals last year, so it might be a good idea to look back on them and come up with some new ones for 2016. (What’s the point of having a blog if I can’t look back at posts written long ago and laugh?!)

From 2015:

  • Start a new yearlong project… I finally decided on one, the Woodlands Creatures sampler from guess who… Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, of course! My goal is to update monthly like I did with the Once Upon a Time project. I love their 2015 mystery sampler, all about literature, but it seems very similar to the fairy tales so I’m going to keep an eye on it to see if I want to start it later in the year.

Done! I finished up the Woodland Creatures cross stitch in December and it’s being framed now.

The Amateur Librarian // Woodland Creatures Cross Stitch

I enjoyed another year of stitching a small block each month, and stayed mostly on track. I did not pick up the Storytime Sampler, but after seeing the Pumpkin community stitching it each month as the pattern was revealed, it’s definitely on my “Someday” list because it’s so darn cute!

  • Finish a needlework project in some way other than framing. Not sure exactly how yet, but perhaps using needlework in a quilt, or making it into a pillow, or something like that… I’m running out of wall space!

Also done! In February I made a mini quilt using the Greetings from the Beach cross stitch as the center panel.

The Amateur Librarian // Sea Greetings Mini Quilt

Next time I would probably leave less of an aida border, but I loved combining cross stitch and quilting, so I’m glad I followed through with this goal.

  • Speaking of which… I want to make a collage wall of cross stitch, to get all my projects into a finished condition and displayed together.

Wow, 3 for 3 so far! I haven’t hung any art in the new house yet, but I framed and hung all my completed cross stitch projects on one wall, opposite my mini quilt collage wall.

The Amateur Librarian // Cross Stitch Collage Wall

  • Make more home decor pieces. I loved the long, skinny patchwork tree table runner on the breakfast bar during the holiday season (and so did Cora) so I’d like to make more things like that. It’s nice to have handmade touches around the house.

I had to go back through my archives on this one, but I did manage to make a few things for the house in the first half of the year. In March I made another table runner for the breakfast bar,

The Amateur Librarian // QAYG Black Cat Table Runner

in July I added a pillow to the couch,

The Amateur Librarian // 2015 Riley Blake Challenge

in August I made stockings for the holidays (even though they stayed packed during the move),

The Amateur Librarian // Holly Jolly Stocking Pattern Giveaway!

and I made a few mini quilts as well.

  • Dabble more. I was pretty heavily into cross stitch in 2014, but this year I’d like to dabble in other crafts again too… maybe make something with my new knitting loom, or actual knitting again, more quilts, more drawing/painting… so many possibilities!

No knitting, no painting, but I did doodle in December and I did dabble in embroidery a bit. As usual, 2015 was full of too many crafts, too little time!

The Amateur Librarian // Applique Hoop Kit

The Amateur Librarian // Meow! Low Volume QAUG Hoop Art

December 1

  • Finish WIPs before starting new projects!! I’m trying to work one project at a time, from start to finish. Not sure if I can pull it off, but I definitely feel more focused when I don’t have a million half-finished projects everywhere.

I did pretty good about finishing what I started, but I still have a couple WIPs hanging around. The big one left over from 2014 is the Fair Isle Quilt. I’m still stuck on it but hopefully I will finish in 2016!

The Amateur Librarian // Fair Isle Quilt

The minor one is the Scrappy Star mini quilt… it’s ready and waiting for some hand quilting.

The Amateur Librarian // Scrap Star Mini Quilt

For 2016:

  • Learn something new. I’ve been intimidated by foundation paper piecing, but there are a few ladies in my quilt guild who love it, and I really want to bite the bullet and look up a good tutorial to get started.
  • Make a  queen size quilt to use on a bed (maybe a guest bed… still not too excited about the idea of cats laying on it all the time and scratching it up). I’ve never made a quilt big enough to be used on a bed, but I really want to try it, which brings me to my next goal…
  • Send a quilt top to be professionally quilted by a long armer. I’ve never made big quilts before because my home machine can’t handle the quilting, but now that I know a few ladies at my quilt guild who own long arm machines, the process seems more doable.
  • Use quilts instead of just displaying them. I’m guilty of making quilt after quilt and then hanging them up for display or folding them on a quilt ladder but never actually using them… and I want to change that! It’s just fabric, right? Quilts can be washed and they’re meant to be used.
  • Make more home decor pieces. Same goal I had in 2015, but with a whole new house to decorate!
  • Finish WIPs before starting new projects (once again)! As always.


These are some resolutions I might actually keep in 2016! We shall see how much I’m laughing at this list in 2017…

3 thoughts on “2016 Crafty Resolutions

  1. I also want to learn paper piecing. Maybe we can try something together on the retreat! Also, there’s something very gratifying about making a quilt for your own bed. The one I made for ours (cali. king!!) was very simple but I used all my favorite lotta jansdotter fabrics. it’s a good place to use all your favorite fabrics because you get to see it every day!


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