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Nashville City Sights: Belle Meade Plantation

I love the historic homes of Franklin and Nashville, so I jumped on a Groupon for two tickets to tour the Belle Meade Plantation and Winery.  The original 5400 acres (which equals almost 8 square miles and included all of Franklin) was famous for their thoroughbred horses, and has been cut down to 24 acres today. We toured the home, enjoyed a wine tasting with the tour group, and then were free to explore the grounds on our own. No pictures were allowed inside the home, so you’ll have to imagine the opulence and architectural details… or go visit!
On the grounds, there was a dairy, horse stable, carriage house, mausoleum, and even a playhouse. Small photo dump of the grounds:
Plantations are a tricky fact of life in the South, but I felt the tour guide (and her script) did a decent job of describing all sides of the story. The log cabin left over from the slave quarters showcased more history and the scant remains of the 130+ slaves who lived there for so many years. There was also an interesting video about The Jubilee Project‘s attempts to identify former slaves through surviving photographs.
More city sights coming soon as we explore the Nashville area!

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