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High Five for Friday!

I’m sharing the highlights of my week… five to be exact!  Focusing on five little things that made me happy is my way of recapping the week and a reminder to stay grateful.


The Amateur Librarian // H54F The Amateur Librarian // H54F

1 – The Oscars. Our tradition of Oscar predictions with my BFF + her husband continues! I’ll admit I couldn’t stay awake the whole time, but at least I got to see Leo get his win – finally!

2 – I like big books and I cannot lie. Speaking of my BFF… how cute is this mug?! Best Christmas present ever. Loving my new kettle too.

3 – Scrap Storage. I put my hour baskets to good use and now all my scraps have a home! I need to make a couple more for the overflow, and they’re such a handy size that I might make some for my closet too.

4 – Spring Wedding. Super excited to see a childhood friend get married this weekend – and it was a good excuse to get a new suit for hubby.

5 – DIY Chobani. I love Greek yogurt for breakfast and this week I’ve tried out replacing my usual Chobani cups with making my own yogurt bowls – plain Greek yogurt + honey + granola + blueberries. Yum!


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