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I haven’t done one of these in a while, but here’s a look at the books I’m reading (right now). Hopefully these don’t sound too familiar, since I’m still reading a lot of the same books as I was in February… just plugging away!
…Breakfast Book…
 The Amateur Librarian // February 2016 Reading Log
Such an interesting read – who knew we should all be looking to France for parenting tips, not just style and food? Taking a while to read in the five-minute snippets of breakfast each morning.
…On the Kindle…
This one is slow going since I’m not reading many eBooks lately, but the first 10% or so is good! The author of All the Light We Cannot See (which is also on my TBR list!) went to Rome with his wife and young twin sons for a year to write his book. Makes me want to plan a trip!
Holesby Louis Sachar
The Amateur Librarian // March 2016 Reading Log
I can’t believe I’ve never read this classic – it would be on my list even if I weren’t reading all the Newbery winners. I used Modern Mrs. Darcy’s tip on finding WhisperSync deals to purchase the audiobook for cheap. So good!
…Library Book…
The Amateur Librarian // March 2016 Reading Log
I’m flying through this series and loving it! I haven’t been sucked into a story like this in a while but the mix of futuristic scifi and retold fairy tales with sassy heroines are an irresistible combination. I’m sad this is the last book, but at least there’s a prequel and a short story collection afterward to stay in this world for a bit longer.

What are you reading right now?

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