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#TBT: Alameda Flea Market

One of the best things about writing a blog for a few years is looking back at past posts. I always get the itch to go on some weekend adventures when it starts getting warm again, and March always seems to be the month when I wake up from winter hibernation and remember how much fun it is to explore.

Here’s some Throwback Thursday action from March 2012, when we visited the Alameda Flea Market one weekend while we lived in San Francisco. I still chuckle when I remember that we spent our cash on lunch and then couldn’t actually buy anything… ha!


The Alameda Antiques Faire is a huge flea market crammed with vendors, open on the first Sunday of every month.  Sam and I made the trek (not easy using public transportation, especially because the Alameda bus stop closest to the market is temporarily blocked) the first week of March.

It was a treasure trove of antiques, big and small, and also a pretty large variety of food trucks. Unfortunately, we always forget that the East Bay is about 10 degrees warmer than the city, so we were sweltering soon enough and there’s no shade on the open pavement. (Fun fact: when the Flea Market is not set up, the same field is used by Myth Busters to test out their stunts!)

Also unfortunately, we spent all our cash on lunch and the ATM machines were out of money… so, we couldn’t actually buy anything.  But we still had fun window shopping!

A few city sights from the Alameda Flea Market:


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