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Blogging for Books Review: It Was Me All Along

It’s back to the work again today after our quick beach trip… and time for another book review! (Check out past Blogging for Books reviews here and my monthly reading logs here.)
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The Amateur Librarian // It Was Me All Along Review
I liked this memoir, but it‘s hard to pinpoint why I didn’t quite love it. I’ve read Andie Mitchell’s food blog Can You Stay for Dinner?  over the past few years, and I looked forward to her memoir – her blog is full of raw emotion and an honest look at her struggling relationship with food that’s both relatable and encouraging, even if I don’t experience those same issues with food.
In the book, Andie’s story of coming to terms with food addiction from both ends of the spectrum (food addiction to obsessively counting calories and exercising) rings true, but parts of it are overwritten and rambling. Honestly, part of the problem for me is also that I have a hard time reading graphic descriptions of food while I’m eating, and breakfast is when I usually have a few minutes to read (see also: Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan – I couldn’t stomach it either)… and man, does she love to describe cake frosting every few pages.
After trying to get through the first chapter, I gave up for a few weeks and finally skimmed through the beginning until it got more interesting. I ended up finishing it in a day, and enjoyed it for the most part. A major life makeover is always appealing, and she went through some heartbreaking losses along the way. Of course, the double edged sword of also reading the blog is that I know in real life she’s back together with her college boyfriend and getting married, while the book ends on their last breakup. C’est la vie…
Even though the memoir wasn’t my cup of tea, I still love her blog and will probably check out her cookbook Eating in the Middle.
***I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.***
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