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Meow Monday: Outdoor Update

The new doors are by far the biggest news in the cats’ world these days (just wait until October… they are in for a rude awakening, ha!) and both Cora and Tali have had their share of adventures so far.

Tali has finally started using the cat doors, but only if we refuse to help at all. If she knows we’ll hold the flaps open for her or open the back door, she’ll wait around for us to do that. If we ignore her crying, eventually she’ll go through on her own. She’s a smart one… in her own way. Once outside, she explores a lot further than Cora does (including houses still under construction), but hopefully she’ll start sticking closer to home once she figures out the territory.

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

Cora brought us “presents” the first couple nights she spent out hunting, which we promptly disposed of outside. On the third night, she brought in one that was still alive… a baby bunny. We heard it scratching around early in the morning and thought the worst case scenario was that Cora was playing with something dead… but we had no idea it was actually alive and well! Fortunately neither of the cats seemed to hurt the rabbit while it was in the house, they just chased it around the laundry room. After we figured out where (and what) it was, both of the cats seemed to lose interest… I guess one night of play was enough for them. I had to get to work that morning and Sam couldn’t lure it into a cat carrier, but a wildlife removal specialist was able to trap and release it. Whew!

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

The bunny adventure seemed to curtail Cora’s presents and hopefully that’s the last of the adventures for a while… crossing fingers and toes!

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