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High Five for Friday!

Today I’m sharing the five highlights from my trip to Chicago – it’s always fun to have a birthday in a new place and Chicago was a great destination. There was so much to do and see, we didn’t get to half of it. More pics coming next week!

The Amateur Librarian // H54F The Amateur Librarian // H54F

1 – Architecture Boat Tour. I didn’t think there could be 90 minutes worth of interesting facts about the buildings of downtown Chicago, but I was wrong! The views were gorgeous and it was a nice break from walking everywhere… and after the tour we looked at all the buildings downtown with a new appreciation.
2 – Second City. We haven’t been to an improv show in a while, so this was a treat on my birthday. Plus it was “Soul Sunday” so a local band played and there was more improv after the show.
3 – Deep Dish Pizza. Worth the wait at Giordano’s!
4 – Driehaus Museum. We stumbled upon this museum a block from our hotel and the Downton Abbey costume exhibit was stunning.
5 – Freehand Hotel. We booked an AirBNB for all 3 nights, but when I couldn’t handle the less-than-pristine shared bathroom (I’m officially too old!), we ended up scrambling to find a different hotel each night of our stay. My favorite was Freehand, with small but efficient rooms (like those live-in-500-square-feet setups at Ikea), a really fun international atmosphere, and a great location.

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