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Reading Right Now

I’ve got a few books floating around the house in various states of progress, try as I might to read one at a time.  Here’s a look at what I’m reading right now!
…Breakfast Book…
Winter (Lunar Chronicles Book 3), by Marissa Meyer
The Amateur Librarian // March 2016 Reading Log
I finally got Book 4 from the library again, so I’m diving back in a chapter at a time during breakfast each day. When the action ramps up it’s hard to stop at just one chapter, so this one might have to migrate to my bedside table for some more uninterrupted reading time sometime soon.
Longbourn, by Jo Baker
The Amateur Librarian // Reading Log
During each season of Game of Thrones, audiobooks take a backseat during my commute so I can keep up with my favorite recap podcasts. But with GOT winding down, I have the itch to start another audiobook and I’m a few chapters into this Pride and Prejudice retelling from the servants’ point of view. The author doesn’t try to emulate Austen’s writing style at all, which is a blessing, and so far it’s a fascinating look at the other side of the story.
Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes, by Shauna Niequist
The Amateur Librarian // Reading Log
I’m not reading many eBooks these days, but when I was finally ready to start a new one I felt like essays were the way to go for my short attention span these days.
…Bedside Table…
(AKA books I’ve started at some point and are now collecting in a pile)
The Last Boy and Girl in the World, by Siobhan Vivian
The Amateur Librarian // May 2016 Reading Log
I got this new YA release through the Parnassus First Editions club, and it sounded interesting enough to throw in my bag for the flight to Chicago a few weeks ago. I made it through a chunk, but since getting back home I haven’t made much headway. The plot is really dragging for me, which is not supposed to happen with YA! Hopefully it picks up soon.
Dead Wake, by Erik Lawson
The Amateur Librarian // May 2016 Reading Log
I’m sure that once I get further into this, it will become much more interesting but I haven’t had the patience for nonfiction lately. I really need to pick this one up again, but in the meantime it’s sitting on my bedside table.
Operating Instructions, by Anne Lamott
The Amateur Librarian // June 2016 Reading Log
While weeding through my bookcase for a trip to McKay Used Books, I pulled this off the shelf and couldn’t help getting sucked in again. Honestly, it’s more of a surprise that I’ve waited so long into my pregnancy to revisit it. Some books have a way of finding you at just the right time… and then I find that I’ve put down all the other new books I’m reading to enjoy this one again. The heart wants what it wants!

What are you reading right now?

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