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2016 Crafty Resolutions: Mid-Year Checkup!

Now that 2016 is (more than) halfway over, how about we take a look at those optimistic new-year goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year? Always a good time to laugh at myself 🙂 Of course, I didn’t know I was pregnant yet, so my crafty priorities have shifted quite a lot now that my childfree craft time is coming to an end… soon.

Here we go!

Resolution #1: Learn something new. I’ve been intimidated by foundation paper piecing, but there are a few ladies in my quilt guild who love it, and I really want to bite the bullet and look up a good tutorial to get started.

Status: Well… I tried., at least I brought a paper piecing project to the MCMQG Retreat in February and gave it a try, but my setup wasn’t great (pro tip: you need an iron close by!) so I gave up and never got around to trying it out again. Honestly, paper piecing isn’t high on my priority list anymore BUT I’d still like to learn something new… maybe I’ll make something for the nursery or try out an apparel pattern for baby.

The Amateur Librarian // Music City MQG Retreat 2016

Resolution #2: Make a  queen size quilt to use on a bed (maybe a guest bed… still not too excited about the idea of cats laying on it all the time and scratching it up). I’ve never made a quilt big enough to be used on a bed, but I really want to try it, which brings me to my next goal…

Status: Nope. I have make a couple bigger quilts but still haven’t achieved queen-size status and now that my time is limited and lots of bodily fluids are looming in my near future… this goal might not happen this year.

The Amateur Librarian // Vintage Star Quilt


The Amateur Librarian // Pixelated Heart Quilt

Resolution #3: Send a quilt top to be professionally quilted by a long armer. I’ve never made big quilts before because my home machine can’t handle the quilting, but now that I know a few ladies at my quilt guild who own long arm machines, the process seems more doable.

Status: Finally, a Yes! I’ve sent three quilts to the Studio V longarmer from my quilt guild, and I absolutely love the convenience and final product! After wrestling with my home machine for so long, I don’t know if I’ll ever go back.

The Amateur Librarian // Pixelated Heart Quilt


The Amateur Librarian // True Blue Quilt

Resolution #4: Use quilts instead of just displaying them. I’m guilty of making quilt after quilt and then hanging them up for display or folding them on a quilt ladder but never actually using them… and I want to change that! It’s just fabric, right? Quilts can be washed and they’re meant to be used.

Status: Yes-ish… no less than four quilts are hanging on the wall, but I guess that still counts as display. I do plan on using my stacks of quilts as play mats once baby arrives, and I’m already repeating to myself that “quilts can be washed and they’re meant to be used!”

The Amateur Librarian // Home Sweet Home In Progress


The Amateur Librarian // Home Sweet Home In Progress


The Amateur Librarian // Home Sweet Home In Progress

Resolution #5: Make more home decor pieces. Same goal I had in 2015, but with a whole new house to decorate!

Status: Yes!  So far all I’ve made are fabric baskets for scrap storage, and they’re great! The first trimester of pregnancy put a damper on my decorating enthusiasm the first couple months after we moved in, but as my energy came back so has my desire to make things to personalize our space. I also plan on adding some handmade touches to the nursery soon.

The Amateur Librarian // Music City MQG Retreat 2016

The Amateur Librarian // Home Sweet Home In Progress

Resolution #6: Finish WIPs before starting new projects (once again)! As always.

Status: Mostly. Quantity hasn’t been my strong suit this year, but even if it takes several months from start to finish, I’ve been pretty good about keeping WIPs to a minimum. Other than projects like the yearlong Passport SAL that are ongoing, I’m hoping to wrap up unfinished projects before baby arrives.

Conclusion: My priorities have definitely changed since the beginning of the year, and some of these goals don’t seem as pressing anymore. Checking in halfway through the year is a great reminder of what I want (and don’t want) to do during the next couple months and I try to wrap up most of my crafty endeavors before baby arrives in October!

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