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Meow Monday: Big Sisters

The cats seem completely unaware that anything big is about to happen… but in a couple short months, their little lives are going to be quite different! There are a few signs if they knew what to look for… lots of new boxes… lots of new furniture…     lots of new visitors… lots of… Continue reading Meow Monday: Big Sisters

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High Five for Friday!

I’m sharing the highlights of my week… five to be exact!  Focusing on five little things that made me happy is my way of recapping the week and a reminder to stay grateful. 1 – County Fair. Nothing says summer like the county fair, right? The fairgrounds are right down the road from our neighborhood, and… Continue reading High Five for Friday!

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WIP Wednesday

Another weekly update on my current Works in Progress 🙂 Pumpkin Passport Cross Stitch I started the August portion of the Pumpkin Passport, and this month we stopped in India at the Taj Mahal. Thanks to the Olympics, I’ve gotten plenty of stitching time in lately and hopefully I’ll finish up before the new Halloween SAL… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

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6th Blogiversary!

Today marks my 6th blogiversary… wow! Since 2010 I’ve chronicled my “adult” life… from starting as a newly married librarian, to my health saga with thyroid cancer and Crohn’s Disease, living in San Francisco for three years, way too many pictures of my cats, moving to Tennessee two years ago, building our first house in Franklin… Continue reading 6th Blogiversary!

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Franklin City Sights: Williamson County Fair

The Williamson County Fair was open all last week, right down the road from our neighborhood. Since it was so close by, we went on a Thursday night to stroll around and eat some fair food for dinner (I tried to eat as healthily as possible – food truck fish tacos, roasted corn, and kettle… Continue reading Franklin City Sights: Williamson County Fair