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When All Else Fails, Go to the Pool

Alternate title: Epic Nesting Failure

At 37 weeks, my pregnancy is drawing to an end I’m full of conflicting emotions. I go through cycles of excitement and anxiety so many times in one day, it can be exhausting. And lately I’ve been adding nesting to the rotation.

The Amateur Librarian // 37 Weeks

This past weekend I had three goals:

  1. Organize all paperwork that’s been sitting around
  2. Bind two baby quilts (one to hang above the crib)
  3. Make a crib skirt

Nothing life-or-death on the list, but doable on a normal weekend with no plans.

… Except the filing cabinet that my parents sent our way arrived with damaged pieces, so we have to wait for replacement parts. No organizing…

… Then my sewing machine went on the fritz. I’ve never so much as broken a needle before but in one day I broke two needles and bent three. Then in the middle of binding a quilt, it stopped stitching completely. I checked everything I know how to do… the tension, the thread, the needle, cleaned out the lint, etc. but no dice. So no sewing…

The Amateur Librarian // 37 Weeks

After a good meltdown (A quick recap: Why oh why did I wait nine months to do these projects? I’ll never be organized again! The walls are bare and nothing is decorated! We’re so unprepared!)… there was nothing left to do but go to the pool.

An hour of feeling weightless and comfortable was a pretty good cure for a weekend of epic nesting fails.

The Amateur Librarian // 37 Weeks

And when I had some perspective, of course I realized that even if I never get to any of these projects, baby won’t care and we’ll all survive. But I probably will be able to tackle my plans and plenty others, in time, and it doesn’t matter if it happens before or after baby arrives.

Because a plan always makes me feel better, I’m reminding myself that the filing cabinet parts will arrive eventually and come together… my sewing machine can be serviced or replaced… I can hand-sew binding if necessary… and there’s such a thing as Stitch Witchery if I really feel the urge to make that crib skirt.

The Amateur Librarian // 37 Weeks

But most of all, I’m reminding myself to enjoy the pool while I can… literally and metaphorically. Overnight the temperature dropped over 20 degrees and this week is forecasted to be gray and rainy… but if this past weekend was the last stretch of 90 degree weather, I won’t mind! Even if I don’t make it back to the pool in the next couple weeks, maybe I can enjoy these dwindling days of pregnancy as best I can… whether everything on the list gets done or not.

The Amateur Librarian // 37 Weeks

3 thoughts on “When All Else Fails, Go to the Pool

  1. I remember the conflicting emotions! All I can say is try to find a way to feel comfortable and take advantage of the quiet time–read a book, do some hand stitching–enjoy incubating the little one. Things will get done–right now, take care of you. And, enjoy the cooler weather, it has been a long, hot summer.


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