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High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday!

I’m sharing the highlights of my week… five to be exact! H54F is all about focusing on five little things that made me happy; it’s my way of recapping the week and a reminder to stay grateful.

1 – Christmas Traditions. It was so great to see my BFF in person for the weekend! Accidentally attending the Dickens of a Christmas fair downtown made it feel extra Christmassy. 

2 – 2 Months. We survived Amelia’s first round of vaccinations! I’m counting survival as a highlight because otherwise this week has been pretty rough. 

3 – Holiday Baking Shows. The Great American Baking Show and other generic holiday cooking challenges are my jam, especially while eating ginger snaps. Watching TV during the day makes me feel like a slug, so I save it for late afternoon nursing sessions… and by the end of some days I desperately need some holiday cheer! 

4 – The One-in-A-Million Boy. I devoured this book and it was so good! The plot is hard to describe without it sounding overly sentimental, but it hit the spot. 

5 – Grocery Pickup. I hate going to Wal-Mart but we tried their free grocery pickup service and it’s pretty awesome. It’s so much easier to stick to the grocery list when you order online… plus no crowds or lines or running back and forth!

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