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Made in 2016

2016 was a year unlike any other. Sometimes it felt overwhelmingly sad with all the news, deaths, and election upheaval, but it was also the year that brought Amelia to our family, so it wasn’t all bad. I felt off-kilter for most of the year as I navigated the highs and lows of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, and at the end of the year I was just thankful that we all survived intact!

I didn’t feel like I had much time to be creative in 2016, especially in the quilting realm, but as I was organizing photos on my computer over the weekend (thank you Amelia, for a three-hour nap!), I realized that I still managed to make quite a few things. So even though we’re halfway through January already, here’s a look back at what I crafted in 2016!

The Amateur Librarian // Made in 2016

All photos link back to the original post if you want more details!


Pixelated Heart

The Amateur Librarian // Pixelated Heart Quilt

(The ill-fated) Blueberry Shortcake

The Amateur Librarian // Blueberry Shortcake Quilt

True Blue

The Amateur Librarian // True Blue Quilt

Vintage Star

The Amateur Librarian // VIntage Star Baby Quilt


The Amateur Librarian // Firefly Baby Quilt

Still a work in progress…

Square Dance

The Amateur Librarian // Square Dance Baby Quilt

Cross Stitch

Spring Ring… just realized that I intended to add Amelia’s name and birthdate in the empty space. Putting that on the To Do list right now!

The Amateur Librarian // Spring Ring Cross Stitch

Summer Beach Day

The Amateur Librarian // Summer Beach Day Cross Stitch

Sail Around

The Amateur Librarian // Sail Around Cross Stitch


The Amateur Librarian // Sandcastle Cross Stitch

Octopus Dance

The Amateur Librarian // Octopus Dance Cross Stitch

And all three minis hung on the wall!

The Amateur Librarian // Square-ology Cross Stitch Trio

Trick or Treat Costume Club

The Amateur Librarian // Trick or Treat Costume Club Cross Stitch

Still a work in progress…

Merry and Bright

The Amateur Librarian // Merry and Bright Cross Stitch

Pumpkin Passport

The Amateur Librarian // Pumpkin Passport Cross Stitch


One Hour Baskets

The Amateur Librarian // Music City MQG Retreat 2016

Crib Skirt

The Amateur Librarian // No Sew Crib Skirt


And my greatest accomplishment of all… Amelia 🙂

The Amateur Librarian // Made in 2016

Cheers to making in 2017!

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