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Spring Ring Hoop

Looking back at my finishes from 2016 reminded me of this wee hoop from last summer just waiting for the final touches. I can’t remember what baby names were on our finalist list by that time, but we went to the hospital with Amelia at the top and it stuck!

I don’t think I ever posted about our naming struggles, but we had a super hard time coming up with a name we both agreed on. Sam and I have similar tastes – classic, old-fashioned, feminine names – but we both had our favorites (Mine was Ivy and Sam’s was Alice) and no other names could live up to them. Eventually we had to scrap both of them and start over, or we would never make a decision. For my birthday, I asked Sam to make a list of 5 names (other than Alice) to discuss – that’s how desperate I was, ha! I’ve always loved names but when it was no longer theoretical and there was a real baby to name, it was suddenly a lot harder to pick just one. 

We sent many, many suggestions to friends and family for feedback, but in the end Amelia came up as the forerunner. I think we started liking the sound of Mia first, but it sounded too much like a nickname to me, so Amelia came up as a longer version. Initially it was off my list because it’s so popular in the U.S. (and the #1 girls’ name in the U.K.) but in the end we decided it was popular for a reason – it’s a beautiful name! And personally I only know one baby Amelia – so far, in our neighborhood at least, the baby girls seem to have more unisex names like  Peyton. 

Marie is my mother’s middle name – and she shares it with all of her sisters, too, so I loved the honor aspect of it. I also loved my grandmother’s middle name Mae for the middle, but at the last minute I decided on Marie instead. I wanted to pick a name and set it in stone, but Sam wanted to meet the baby first, so all the way up until birth, I kept saying “I think it’s the name!”… but neither of us would commit for sure. Once Amelia arrived, we didn’t waver though – that was her name! 

To finish up this hoop, I Googled to find two back stitch fonts I liked and added in the name in the middle. Let’s pretend that the names are offset on purpose instead of because I miscounted the first line 🙂 I started to add her birth date on either side of the sheep, but it was a bit crowded and in the end I liked it just like this. 

Love this sweet hoop, and the baby who wears her name so well! When she finally moves into her own room, I’ll find a special place for it. 

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