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High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday! Once again, High Five for Friday features five highlights of the week, my way of focusing on the little things that remind me to stay grateful.   1 – New car! We traded in our 2014 Honda Accord and drove away in almost exactly the same car… same color, same model… but brand… Continue reading High Five for Friday!

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TBT: Tennessee City Sights

I haven’t done a City Sights post in quite a while, mostly because… I don’t go anywhere anymore! A baby changes that for sure. I’m not going to Quiltcon this year, even though it’s the closest it’s ever been to me geographically (Savannah, GA), but I’m living vicariously through social media as all my quilt… Continue reading TBT: Tennessee City Sights

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Round Robin Quilt: Round 1

I’ve never participated in a round robin quilt before, but the idea is fun: start with a square or strip for the center, then pass it around a group of quilters, each adding to it (borders or blocks or whatever they want), and passing it on to the next person each month, until it makes… Continue reading Round Robin Quilt: Round 1