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High Five for Friday! 

Happy Friday!

Every week I share five highlights, both as a recap and a reminder to stay grateful for the little things. 

1 – Start. It felt good to get back to the sewing machine this week to start on a Round Robin quilt for my guild. Thanks for weighing in on the poll! I think I know which way to go now. 

2 – Valentines. The first holiday craft project… of many more to come! 

3 – Neighborhood. I finally made it to one of my neighborhood’s monthly Ladies’ Night and it was great to meet some neighbors. There are a ton of young families around so it’s nice to put names to faces I see around. 

4 – Treat. If an outing goes well, I get a caffeinated reward! A chai tea latte is still my favorite, but I tried the new cascara and scorched butterscotch lattes at Starbucks on recent cold days, and they were pretty tasty. 

5 – Errand Adventures. I tried baby wearing on a Target run for the first time this week, and it was a success! 

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