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Long Weekend Firsts

President’s Day is one of those holidays that you never know if your current job will give the day off or not, so we never count on it, and each year we usually only bother to find out the Friday before. This year, Amelia decided not to give me the day off… but hubby’s boss did 🙂

Even though we didn’t go anywhere or plan anything special, somehow we packed a lot of firsts into the long weekend.

First solid food!

Amelia has been exhibiting all the food-ready symptoms, so our pediatrician gave us the go-ahead to try out rice cereal. She seems to understand the concept of the spoon, likes the taste, and only gets frustrated because it doesn’t go fast enough! The mixture is mostly breastmilk and definitely on the soupy side, but we’re going slowly and will try for one “meal” a day. At this point it’s mostly just for practice, but it feels like such a big milestone!

The Amateur Librarian // 4 Months


The Amateur Librarian // 4 Months

First playground swing!

The weather has been perfect lately, lots of breezy sunshine and temps in the 60s. I walk with Amelia every day, but with hubby along we decided to attempt the swings at the playground for the first time. Once we got there, the bucket swing seemed so huge! But she held her head up great and we spent about 10 minutes swinging. I didn’t catch any smiles on camera, but she liked it! The actual swinging didn’t seem like a big deal, but she was absolutely fascinated by the big kids swinging beside her.

The Amateur Librarian // 4 Months


The Amateur Librarian // 4 Months


The Amateur Librarian // 4 Months

New car!

The Honda Accord that we leased in 2014 (within days of moving here, since we used public transportation exclusively in San Francisco) was eligible to trade in, so we signed the paperwork and drove away in a new car… and yep, it’s the exact same color and model, ha! We tested out the HRV and CRV but I love the Accord so we stuck with that.

The Amateur Librarian // 4 Months

A month or two ago, I would never attempt to take the baby with us somewhere that would require hours spent walking and sitting and standing at a car dealership, but she’s so interested in the world around her that it’s getting more fun to take her places.


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