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High Five for Friday! 

Every week I share five highlights, both as a recap and a reminder to stay grateful for the little things.   1 – Wiggle Worm. Amelia is grasping, lunging, rolling, kicking, tasting, gurgling, reaching, cooing, etc. all day every day. She keeps me on my toes! 2 – Tea Time. I had to stop by… Continue reading High Five for Friday! 

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Round Robin Quilt: Round 2

I’ve never participated in a round robin quilt before, but the idea is fun: start with a square or strip for the center, then pass it around a group of quilters, each adding to it (borders or blocks or whatever they want), and passing it on to the next person each month, until it makes… Continue reading Round Robin Quilt: Round 2

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WIP Wednesday

Another weekly update on my current Works in Progress 🙂 Impossible Cross Stitch I haven’t worked on this one since 2015! I can’t remember why I put it down, but I do remember having trouble with the needle, so I switched it out for a fresh one and it’s going smoothly so far. The Frosted Pumpkins… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

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Drinks All Around Cross Stitch

I love sharing finishes, and today is one of my favorites! I’ve had the Drinks All Around pattern for a few years (retired from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery), and had it all kitted up and ready to go for over a year before I finally tackled it. It wasn’t particularly large or difficult, so I don’t… Continue reading Drinks All Around Cross Stitch

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Book Chat: Harvest

Another Monday morning book review for you! One of my goals this year is to review more books, especially through the Blogging for Books platform. This is review #4 so far, which is the total number of books I reviewed for BfB in 2016, so the bar is set high 🙂 Next up… Harvest: Unexpected… Continue reading Book Chat: Harvest

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High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday! Once again, High Five for Friday features five highlights of the week, my way of focusing on the little things that remind me to stay grateful. 1 – The First Day of Spring. I couldn’t resist bringing a picnic blanket out to the backyard when the sun came out in full force on… Continue reading High Five for Friday!

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Alabama Adventures

We did more than visit the art museum while we were in Alabama last week! Here’s a photo recap of all the little moments that make a visit with family such an enjoyable break in the routine. You’ll notice most of the photos feature Amelia eating something, since that’s the latest fad around here! Trying… Continue reading Alabama Adventures