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Blogging for Books Review: The Underground Culinary Tour

After the last few weeks of visiting with family, I’m feeling a bit sad to be all by my lonesome again. Of course, I’m never alone since Amelia is here with me, but even she is bored more easily when it’s just the two of us. She wants to know what happened to her fan club! So how about a Monday morning book review?
The Amateur Librarian // The Underground Culinary Tour Book Review
Start date: 2/18/17
Finish date: 3/5/17
Genre/Format: Business / Hardcover
Grade: B
Even though most restaurants operate on a 6% profit margin, the restaurant business is one of the last major industries to use data analysis; that’s where author Damian Mogavero comes in. He brought foodies and code writers together to invent a software program that analyzes data so that restaurants can predict what their customers will order, when the busiest days and times of the week will be, and a host of other critical details, extremely accurately. Through entertaining anecdotes, Mogavera shares the the success stories of multiple restaurants, from a family-owned empire in New Orleans, to celebrity chefs in Las Vegas, to the latest trends in New York City. Using his software, the “New Guard” of restaurant owners use data to analyze and tweak their businesses instead of relying on gut and intuition to make costly decisions.
I probably eat out as much as the next person, but I’ve never worked in the food business and I wouldn’t consider myself a foodie; these days, especially, we don’t have the time or money for fancy restaurants, and we were never very adventurous even when we did eat out more often. A behind-the-scenes glimpse is always interesting, and I always enjoy food writing, but I don’t think I’m the target audience for this book.
If you own or plan to invest in a restaurant, the promise of the subtitle would draw you in, but the causal consumer probably isn’t interested in a deep dive into data. And if you are in the business, don’t expect a practical resource; if you were actually wondering how to use data to make changes in your own restaurant, you would definitely need the software to procure your own data.  And since the author is the creator of that software, there’s a certain inherent sales pitch that might bother those hoping for some applicable advice.
You can tell the author is passionate about his product and the food industry, but even though the food trend predictions and anecdotes were entertaining enough, the subtitle promises more than the content delivers.
For more info on this title, check out the publisher’s page, or the Amazon product page (of course!)
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