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Book Chat: Harvest

Another Monday morning book review for you! One of my goals this year is to review more books, especially through the Blogging for Books platform. This is review #4 so far, which is the total number of books I reviewed for BfB in 2016, so the bar is set high 🙂
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“A practical, inspirational, and seasonal guide to living with an edible landscape.”
Start date: 3/11/2017
Finish date: 3/11/2017
Genre/Format: Non-Fiction / Hardcover
Source: Blogging for Books
Grade: B+
First off, this book is beautifully designed and full to the brim with gorgeous photography. From a production standpoint, you can tell that a lot of care went into the quality, and it would make a beautiful gift for the gardener in your life. Organized by season and plant, with plenty of useful alternatives in the index, it lays out information on growing and harvesting each plant for projects ranging from tea to lip balm to cocktails. I loved how it was organized first by season, then by plant, so you could have a continual harvest throughout the year.
The projects are practical for the most part, and a few might convince me to add those plants to my garden, like elderberry to infuse honey or lemongrass to make a salt scrub. A few projects seemed too simple, like adding edible borage flowers to a salad or making an arrangement out of apple branches; I can easily find those ideas on Pinterest, surely there must be something more creative to do with those plants.
In general, I’d say this book is geared toward the seasoned gardener with the assumption that you already have a garden up and running. As a beginner thinking of planting my first kitchen herbs in a raised bed, it’s difficult to glean tips on what grows well together or how to get started. The 47 plants included go beyond the average range of herbs and vegetables that I’m familiar with, which makes for an interesting variety, but ultimately ends up more aspirational than practical for a beginner like me.
Check out the publisher’s website for more info on the authors and book here; and of course, there’s always Amazon.
***I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.***
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