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Alabama Adventures

Another edition of Alabama Adventures! I won’t be at home forever, and Amelia won’t be a baby forever, so in the meantime I’m super lucky to be flexible enough to visit my parents for a break in the routine. When my infusions roll around every 4-6 weeks, my parents drive up to watch the baby during the appointment, and for the last couple times I’ve gone to Alabama with Amelia for a visit afterward.

As usual, we didn’t plan a lot of exciting ventures, but we managed to get out of the house most days, celebrated Amelia’s half birthday with her first painting project, and we definitely fit in a lot of eating, walking, snuggling, trips to the community garden, and binge watching Goliath. I even fit in a few special indulgences: a pedicure, lunch out with an old friend, ice cream with my Dad, reading during naps, and a visit from a childhood friend (my maid of honor!) and my brother.

It was a great week all around!

And now for the photo dump:






















Of course, I’m glad to be back home again with Sam, but that doesn’t mean goodbyes are easy!

Until next time…


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