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High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday! Once again, High Five for Friday features five highlights of the week, my way of focusing on the little things that remind me to stay grateful.



1 – Play Date. Amelia got to hang out with a big kid yesterday when my quilty friend and her son came for a visit, and she was obsessed with this taggy blanket they brought for her. (High hopes for the soft taggy blocks I’m planning on making soon!)

2 – Music City MQG. Always a treat to catch up with the guild ladies once a month! I also got to check in on my round robin quilt and I love seeing how it is evolving.

3 – A Court of Mist and Fury. I liked the first book in this series, A Court of Thorns and Roses, but I LOVED the sequel. Perfect timing too: the third book comes out next week!

4 – Under Warranty. Our garbage disposal broke last week, and what looked to be a long process (someone coming by to make sure it’s a warranty issue; submitting a work order; scheduling a plumber to come by) sorted itself out in 2 days and we didn’t have to pay for anything. Whew!

5 – New Favorite. I’ve never had strong feelings about what brand I use to clean my face at the end of each day, but after trying out Acure Coconut + Argan Oil cleansing towelettes, I’m never going back to any other kind! Smells amazing, clears up my (temperamental) skin, and works like a charm… and it doesn’t break the bank; win win win!



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