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DIY Hanging Kitchen Towels Refresh

Way back in 2011, I made four hanging kitchen towels for my mama. They are still hanging on by a thread (pun totally intended) but they are looking rough these days!

Look, I even have photographic evidence:

Clearly a refresh is needed! I went back to the same free pdf pattern that I used the first time around, with some modifications:

  • bigger strips of velcro
  • no decorative button
  • batting instead of flannel
  • I didn’t use any material other than fabric the first time around, so I missed a mistake in the pattern. In step 4 of constructing the handle, the three layers should be stacked in this order: fabric right sides together, with batting on the bottom.

Other than that, follow the pattern and you’ll be good to go! Look here for the original pdf pattern and online tutorial from Kleio’s Belly.

Here are a few photos of the process, a quick tutorial of sorts, if you’re a visual person like me.

Materials for 2 hanging towels:

  • One kitchen towel
  • Two 7×12″ pieces of fabric
  • One 7×12″ piece of batting

Step 1: Cut out the pattern and tape/glue together.

Step 2: Pin the handle pattern to your fabric and cut out four fabric handles and two batting handles. (I made six towels total, so I cut 12 from the fabric and 6 from the batting.)


Bonus points if you can accomplish any part of this project with a baby in the background!

Step 3: Cut the kitchen towel in half. Pleat the top half of the towel so that it measures 6″ long and pin in place.

Step 4: Layer the three pieces in this order: fabric right sides together, then batting on the bottom (NOT like the pic below! The right side should be facing down, and I had seam rip all six handles… oops!). Sew a 1/4″ seam around the handle, leaving the bottom open.

Step 5: Clip the corners and turn the handles inside out. Use the tip of a pen (or knitting needle) to poke out the corners. Turn the bottom for a 1″ hem and press the handles so all the edges are crisp. Tuck the towel one inch inside the open bottom and sew a line – I went back and forth three times to make sure it’s sturdy.

Step 6: Sew strips of velcro to the pointed flap and the center of the base. (I like this velcro because it’s thick, you can cut it to the size you need, and it’s machine washable.) I sewed 1/8″ around the edge and it’s not too noticeable on the outside, but you could cover it up with a decorative button if you want.


Ta da!

These hanging towels are easy to make and customize, which make them the perfect gift. Maybe even for a certain holiday coming up next weekend, if your mother is the domestic type.

I made six total, which will hopefully last another five years.

It’s not Thursday, but here are a couple throwback photos to 2011, when I took these pics in our tiny San Francisco apartment. I may not have enjoyed that miniscule oven (or lack of dishwasher and counter space) at the time, but now I have fond memories of that kitchen!



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