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Mississippi City Sights: Market Street Festival

We just got back from a long weekend visit with Sam’s family in Mississippi, and we packed a lot of family time, shopping, and playing into four days. Saturday was the annual Market Street Festival, when downtown Columbus is full of art, music, food, kids, and people. Sam’s grandparents live within walking distance, so we took the stroller and enjoyed a morning of perfect weather and people watching. Amelia promptly fell asleep for the first hour or so, then woke up in a good mood that lasted until we could get back home to nurse and take a nap, which is just about the best-case scenario for an outing these days.
Here are a few peeks at the Market Street Festival:
After all that sun, we cooled off in the house for the afternoon. Amelia was even treated to a piano concert. Sam has so many cousins and siblings and aunts that there is always someone around who wants to play, and Amelia loves it!
We had a great weekend with family, I just wish it didn’t take a five-hour car drive to see them!
More city sights coming soon!

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