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Mothering Sunday

Hope you had a great Mother’s Day! Or as they call it in the UK, Mothering Sunday; I like that even more.

This time last year I was in the second trimester and my stomach still flip flopped (literally!) when I thought about the baby on the way. We went back to the same restaurant as last year, but there were no roses given out this time, which is quite all right, since we would have had to keep it out of Amelia’s mouth and grabby little hands the whole time! My how times have changed… and I’m so thankful to celebrate with my baby girl!

Mother’s Day 2017

Yesterday was a sweet, low key day. I got to spend some solo time getting coffee and cross stitching, got spoiled with flowers, chocolate, and a new loose leaf tea blend, and soaked up the time with Amelia and Sam. I wore my necklace with Amelia’s thumbprint and birthstone that my Mom gave me, from the local jeweler in Alabama. Plus we instituted a new tradition: Mama doesn’t have to change diapers on Mother’s Day! (Sam can’t wait for Father’s Day.)









I’m thankful too for the other wonderful mothers in my life setting such great examples for me; I wouldn’t be the mama I am without them!

Cheers to all the mothers, mother figures, fur mothers, soon to be mothers, hope to be mothers, missing their mothers, and everyone in between!

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