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Sew Day

I rearranged my sewing room so my quilty friend could come over for a Sew Day this week. It was a blast to have someone to chat and sew with, and a great incentive to (1) organize the sewing room (and my WIPs!) and (2) actually sew! Too often I choose to do mundane housework or pick up cross stitching during naptime, so it was great to have a reason to sit down at the sewing machine.



Emily brought her Glam Clam quilt top that she started at the Latifah Safiir workshop, and she finished the top by the end of the day!




I set my expectations low since I knew naptime would be over too soon, and added to my (growing) pile of quilted drink coasters. I also cut fabric for some soft blocks for Amelia.

Once the baby was awake, production slowed down a bit! Amelia is getting better at entertaining herself but it still only lasts for ten minutes at a time. Before I know it, she’ll be the one at the sewing machine.






The room is back to normal in anticipation of guests this weekend, but I’m looking forward to another Sew Day some time soon!

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