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High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday! Once again, High Five for Friday features five highlights of the week, my way of focusing on the little things that remind me to stay grateful.


1 – Mother’s Day. My first Mother’s Day with Amelia was pretty special. I’m thankful for all the mothers in my life!

2 – Birthday Weekend. The timing of my infusion yesterday happened to line up with my birthday weekend, so Mom drove up to watch A and my brother is also coming up, so it’s been a fun celebration!

3 – Sew Day. It was “sew” much fun to hang out with my quilty friend for a whole day and get some sewing done! 

4 – Latifah Safiir Trunk Show. I love when the guild invites guest quilters to share their quilts; it’s always a good time to catch up with my guild friends and get inspired. 

5 – Sleep. Today marks 1 week of sleeping through the night! A is so much happier during the day and we are all feeling happier with more rest. I’ll write up my experience with sleep training soon, but spoiler alert: it works, and fast!

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