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High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday! Once again, High Five for Friday features five highlights of the week, my way of focusing on the little things that remind me to stay grateful.


1 – Parnassus Books. As one last birthday treat, I got to browse a bookstore all by myself, and it was glorious. I left with a stack of books and read all weekend long!

2 – Wedding. I loved celebrating my sweet friend, Amelia loved dancing to the music, and we all loved the little details that made it so memorable.

3 – Memorial Day. We celebrated the long weekend with another trip to the pool, drumsticks on the grill, and my new favorite drink: Bravazzi, a hard Italian soda.

4 – Macstitch. All those lists must have sunk in, because after getting everything out of my head I found it easier to prioritize what I can do with the free time I have. I’ve been wanting to design my own cross stitch patterns for a long time, but I always waffled over what program to use, and after finally trying out some free demos, I’ve finally decided on the MacStitch software. I’m excited to get started!

5 – Nutella-dipped Anything. Amelia has been teething big time this week, which is no fun for anyone, but my craving for the comforts of salty + sweet led me to nutella-dipped pretzels, which is now my new favorite snack.

3 thoughts on “High Five for Friday!

  1. I’ve had MacStitch for a while now and have done a few basic patterns but can’t really get the hang of it. Would be awesome if you did a tutorial once you got going with it!


    1. Good idea, I’ll give it a try!
      Have you tried any other kinds of programs? I looked at Stitch Fiddle but it seemed too basic, and other programs like Cross Stitch Professional seemed too expensive.


      1. I’ve tried using Photoshop Elements, there a few tutorials online, but it never comes out right. I’ve always had Mac computers so at the time I was shopping MacStitch was my only option. It is good, I just can’t get the handle of converting a sketch or digital graphic from PSE into a pattern using it.


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