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TBT: Engagement Scrapbook

Every once in awhile I visit my dusty Drafts folder to see what gems I started writing once upon a time and never finished… and usually I delete, delete, delete. A few drafts have lingered over the years, and with my eighth anniversary on my mind, I decided to share the following (very) rough draft written in February 2012:

A friend recently asked me on Twitter, “…how did you get through senior block without trying to down a bottle of Tylenol?”

I remember those days…. preparing for the teacher internship, the very last few weeks between university classes and graduation. Every day, my routine was the same: come home exhausted, work for hours preparing lesson plans, fall asleep around 9 PM each night and wake up again around 11 to work for another couple hours. In a word, brutal. I was also planning a wedding.

So honestly, I have no idea how or why I found the time to create a scrapbook, but I did. I can only imagine that sitting on the floor, surrounded by photos and stickers and scraps of paper was a little better than being surrounded by pages of lesson plans.

Of course the text is nothing without photographic evidence, so I pulled out my scrapbook and snapped some pictures of each spread. I’m slightly embarrassed to share these, but that’s part of the fun of Throwback Thursday, right?

We’ve all come a long way in eight years. For better, for worse, in sickness and health, etc.!

Please remember that this scrapbook chronicles the pre-Pinterest, pre-blog days of 2009, a time when weddings weren’t quite so DIY or full of magazine-worthy details, and I was just a college student getting married at the ripe old age of 22.

I forgot that I never actually finished this scrapbook, so the last 3 pages are blank, with some mementos from the rehearsal and wedding day tucked in the sleeves. Maybe this is the year I’ll give scrapbooking one last hurrah… or maybe not.


Oh yes, there was a newspaper announcement!

How we met, a truly collegiate tale; for the want of a dorm room key, the kingdom was built!


Fun fact: I lifted these photos from everyone’s Facebook profile.

My first shower was a surprise when we visited my Mom’s side of the family in Pennsylvania, shortly after we were engaged. I miss those family beach trips every summer so much!

The next shower was held in Mississippi, by members of my future in-laws’ church. I still remember the gorgeous flower arrangements and cake. I wish I had saved a sweet letter from one of the hosts, who sent a thank you card in response to my thank you card!

The next shower was hosted by two dear family friends.  My Aunt Joanne sent the cross stitch that hung in my Grandmother’s house for so many years, and brought everyone to tears.

(I wrote about it here, if you want a closer look.)

The last shower was held in Alabama by the Mom’s Group by mama belonged to for many years. I almost forgot how many showers there were! It was very sweet how many people wanted to host something for us. Since we were still college students at the time, we had almost nothing to set up house, and I still use almost every single wedding gift today!

Onto the dress!


And the bridesmaids! Looking back, I can’t believe that Sam’s sisters were so young!

You can find a ton of inspiration online these days, but there’s no doubt that wedding planning was a lot simpler pre-Pinterest. We picked our colors (cream and blue), met with the vendors a couple times, and that was it! Of course there was some back-and-forth and it felt like a lot of work, but there was nowhere near the attention to detail that I see in all the weddings we’ve attended in the last few years.

And now we get to the last few spreads… that I never finished!

Since I just uploaded some pics for my anniversary post last week, let’s just imagine that I got my act together, printed them out, and arranged them on these last couple pages!






On the inside back cover of the scrapbook, I added a newspaper clipping about the angel statue in front of the Chapel of Memories where we got married. The statue has since been replaced, so I’m glad I have this article to remember it. My parents are the only people I know who still have a local newspaper subscription, but the articles in this scrapbook makes me miss reading the daily news!

What a trip down memory lane… hope you have a happy Thursday!

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