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High Five for Friday

Another Friday, another high five! Sharing five highlights from the week is my reminder to stay grateful for the little things. 

1 – Grandparents. Amelia loves a visit from her grandparents, and so do I!

2 – Jeni’s. I’ll take any excuse for Jeni’s ice cream, and my friend Emily’s birthday week was a good one. 

3 – Key Lime Pie. So I haven’t actually eaten a slice yet, but baking is something I love but rarely do these days. Also file under: I finally justified keeping the hand juicer gadget I’ve had for years!

4 – Zippadee. This hasn’t been a great week for sleep between teething pains and Amelia learning to sit up any chance she gets, but we are loving the new Zippadee wearable blanket to transition out of the swaddle. 

5 – Legion. We’re almost finished watching the first season, and is so good! I love the 60s vibe and experimental filming style. 

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