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Sew Day

I got together with a quilty friend for another Sew Day… just what I needed!

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been in a sewing rut. I’ve worked on a few guild projects and started a couple things, but I keep getting stalled and haven’t completed any quilts all year. When I have downtime, it’s been easier to pick up cross stitching or a book, so I haven’t been at my sewing machine much unless I make a conscious effort… which is why these dedicated sewing days are so great!

On that note, I’m super thankful to have local quilty friends to encourage me to keep attending guild meetings even though I never have anything for Show and Tell, keep going to open sew events even though I end up chatting more than sewing, and continue to find inspiration on social media even though I contribute more baby photos than anything else. In some ways I have more downtime than before Amelia arrived, because I’m at home during the day and (usually) have time to myself during naps, but I have to constantly remind myself that it’s OK to take care of myself too, and it’s fine if nothing gets “done” other than making it to bedtime. Even if this season of raising a tiny human doesn’t seem to produce tangible results, at least I can still surround myself with creative people to feed that side of myself.

Oops… I didn’t mean to go off on a tangent!

Let’s get back to the Sew Day that went down yesterday in my guest room. Emily arrived during A’s first nap, so we had some uninterrupted time before my busy bee slowed things down. She’s working on a couple projects, including this adorable polaroid baby quilt.

I brought out the next Round Robin quilt that I’m working on. After staring at it and talking about it, I think I know what direction I want to go in, but I need to buy some fabric. I have a serious lack of solids in my stash, so I’m putting that on my shopping list for the guild’s upcoming Shop Hop in a couple weeks.

The best thing about a sewing buddy (and a fellow former librarian at that) is that I can manage some sewing while she reads a book to the baby!

No time to stop for lunch… sewing in progress! But snacks are a must.


I’m happy with my progress on a QAYG table topper for my kitchen island, and hopefully I’ll get more done at the guild’s Open Sew on Friday. It feels good to be back at my sewing machine.


I’m already looking forward to the next Sew Day!

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