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Nine Months with Amelia

Amelia is 9 months old! There’s something about 9 months that feels momentous… maybe because she’s been in the real world as long as she was on the inside… or maybe because it seems so much closer to the first year mark. Either way, each month gets more and more fun!

I keep a journal to write down memories for Amelia each month… maybe one day I’ll share those entries, but for now you know I can’t resist posting some photos and stats on the blog!

Likes: playing peekaboo, babbling, turning the pages of a book, sitting up in the stroller to see better, people watching, eating just about anything you put in front of her (hits this month: peaches, prunes, ice cream), aquariums, teething jewelry, watching the cats

Dislikes: teething, constipation, being cleaned after meals, being strapped into the car seat

Size: about 17 lb, size 3 diapers, 6-9 month clothing

Doing: babbling (and saying dada!), trying to crawl (lunging forward from a sitting position, rolling to get to her destination), sitting up from the tummy position, pulling up from sitting to standing, sleeping through the night (until the last couple weeks when a big sleep regression hit), nursing every 3-4 hours

Firsts: initiating peekaboo games, says “dada” (and sometimes “mama”), sitting up from laying down position, third tooth, Father’s Day, transition out of swaddle, sitting in high chair at restaurants, “play” guitar, meeting family from Georgia, Independence Day

And now for the fun part: photos! I can’t resist a little collage first… looking at all nine together, I can’t believe how much she’s changed. (It also gives me the tiniest of pangs that I didn’t think of a theme or consistent color for these pics… but oh well, at least I took any photos at all.)


A few moments from our ninth month with Amelia:






















And a recap of the first eight months:

One Month

Likes: nursing, sleeping on anybody’s chest, peeking one eye open, rootin’ and tootin’

Dislikes: not being held, sleeping by herself

Size: 10 lbs, 20 in long; newborn diapers and clothes

Doing: opening her eyes, looking at faces, nursing every hour

Firsts: smile, sink bath, two pediatrician visits, stroller walk in the neighborhood, bottle, visit to the voting polls, babysitters (Grandmom and Grandpop), photo shoot, Halloween

Two Months

Likes: bath time, butterfly rattle, crinkly sounds, snuggling in Daddy’s armpit, nursing to sleep, fans

Dislikes: waiting to eat, tummy time after 5 minutes

Size: 11 lb 1 oz, 22 in long, size 1 diapers, 0-3 months clothing

Doing: lifts head during tummy time, tracks toys with eyes, kicking, smiling, cooing, nursing every 1-2 hours

Firsts: Thanksgiving, met Santa, bath in the big tub, Dickens of a Christmas fair, hip ultrasound

Three Months

Likes: splashing in the bath tub, waking up and smiling in the morning, neighborhood walks (the faster and bumpier the better), napping in her swing, Sophie the Giraffe, kicking on her music mat

Dislikes: falling asleep, when diaper changes take too long, getting bored, belly pains

Size: size 1 diapers, 3-6 months clothing

Doing: discovering her hands and feet, kicking, “standing,” holding up head, still nursing every 1-2 hours

Firsts: Christmas, meeting extended family in MS, library visit, road trips to MS and AL, putting hands in mouth, snow, sitting up supported by the bumbo seat

Four Months

Likes: bouncing (especially on your knees or airplane lift off), putting everything in her mouth, crinkly paper, teething toys, sitting on someone’s lap during dinner, walks in the stroller, sucking on a washcloth at bathtime, going on errands in the front-facing carrier

Dislikes: tummy time, not being able to get a toy into her mouth, teething

Size: 13 lb, size 1 diapers, 3-6 month clothing

Doing: rolling from back to side, reaching for toys, bringing toys to her mouth, laughing (sometimes), holding head up during tummy time, standing/squatting while supported, nursing every 2-3 hours

Firsts: roll from back to side, laugh, Super Bowl, front-facing carrier, visit with family friends in Auburn, visit with Great Aunt Joanne

Five Months

Likes: belly kisses, big family gatherings, her feet (and putting them in her mouth), animals (especially cats and dogs), eating rice cereal, bouncing, crinkly paper, bathtime

Dislikes: tummy time, not being able to get a toy into her mouth, teething

Size: 13.5 lb, size 2 diapers, 3-6 month clothing

Doing: fake coughing, chuckling (no belly laugh yet), grasping toys/rattles in one or both hands, putting her feet in her mouth, napping in crib (transitioned from swing), nursing every 3 hours

Firsts: Valentine’s Day, solid food (rice cereal), playground bucket swing, discovered her feet, roll from front to back, practice drinking from a cup, non-family babysitter (Ms Cherelle during Grandma Dot’s funeral service)


Six Months

Likes: belly kisses, trying new foods, grabbing faces, crinkly paper, bathtime, sitting or standing up, undivided attention

Dislikes: tummy time when she’s tired, getting frustrated

Size: 14.5 lb, size 2 diapers, 3-6 month clothing

Doing: sitting unassisted, baby-led weaning, sucking on fingers (and toes!), picking up toys (raking and pinching), laughing, rolling over from front to back and back to front, getting distracted and/or multitasking while nursing (sucking on her thumb or cooing), nursing every 3-4 hours

Firsts: sitting up, baby-led weaning (so far she’s tried: sweet potatoes, bananas, bread, cantaloupe, limes, grapefruit, steamed carrots, broccoli, spaghetti, teething biscuits)

Seven Months

Likes: aquariums, belly kisses, baby led weaning, grabbing faces, crinkly paper, bathtime, sitting or standing up

Dislikes: diaper changes that take too long, tummy time, getting frustrated

Size: 15.5 lb, size 3 diapers, 6-9 month clothing

Doing: cutting her first tooth, sleep training (today marks Day 3), sitting unassisted (& in the bath tub), baby-led weaning, jumping/bouncing, sucking on fingers (and toes!), passing toys from one hand to the other, laughing, rolling over both ways, nursing every 3-4 hours

Firsts: Easter, Franklin farmers market (and car show!), Market Street Festival, cutting her first tooth (so close!), splashing in the bath tub, reaching for mama or daddy, blowing raspberries, trying lots of food (pickles were a hit)

8 Months

Likes: Squishing food before eating it, splashing in water – in the tub, in the baby pool, in a big pool, watching big kids run around, being bounced or thrown in the air, singing songs

Dislikes: diaper changes, being cleaned after meals, being strapped into the car seat, being left out of a meal, teething

Size: about 17 lb, size 3 diapers, 6-9 month clothing

Doing: trying to crawl (rocking back and forth on all fours), pulling up from sitting to standing, sleeping through the night, nursing every 3-4 hours

Firsts: Two teeth!, swimming in the neighborhood pool, attending a wedding, Mother’s Day, sleep training, meet Great Aunt Judy and cousin Jo, meet the Music City MQG ladies, drink water from a sippy cup

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