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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! Each week I choose five highlights to celebrate the big and small moments. 

1 – 9 months! Saying goodbye (or goodnight?) to the 8-month sleep regression has been the best part of this milestone!

2 – Crib Skirt Refresh. The only thing I got super weird about during the “nesting” phase of pregnancy was making a crib skirt… I just had to make it myself even though my sewing machine wasn’t cooperating and I had plenty of other items on the To Do list. This week I switched out the floral print for a more neutral white dot. It took about 10 minutes and it’s a pretty inconsequential nursery item, honestly, but it reminded me that things don’t go as planned on a daily basis… and that’s ok! 

3 – A is for Amelia. I resisted all the adorable classroom decor and flash cards that are currently in the Target Dollar Spot, but I had to add a pack of classic wooden blocks to my cart. 

4 – Children’s Lit Classics. After arranging my books in color order for the past few years, it feels good to have all my series together again. I’m especially loving this shelf of my favorite children’s lit classics, especially now that so many beautiful hardcover editions are available. 

5 – The Hate U Give. I just finished this powerful YA novel and wow, what a stunner. Pitch perfect. 

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