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Sweet as Pie Cross Stitch: August 2017

I thought I was taking a break from yearlong cross stitch projects, but those sneaky Frosted Pumpkins caught me at a weak moment by debuting a new mystery SAL during my birthday month… and the thought of chronicling my 30th year with adorable kawaii pies was too cute to resist! So here I am again… Continue reading Sweet as Pie Cross Stitch: August 2017

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A Day in the Life: August 2017

I always enjoy “A Day in the Life” posts from other bloggers to get a peek into their daily lives (AKA I’m nosy), and it’s been a while since my last update… 8 months, in fact! Before Amelia came along I was a typical nine-to-fiver and my days were pretty predictable. Now that I’m at… Continue reading A Day in the Life: August 2017

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Book Chat: Jane of Austin

What’s better on a Monday morning than book chat? This one pairs especially well with tea and scones. Next up… Jane of Austin: A Novel of Sweet Tea and Sensibility, by Hillary Manton Lodge “Know your own happiness. You want nothing but patience – or give it a more fascinating name, call it hope.” ― Jane… Continue reading Book Chat: Jane of Austin

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High Five For Friday 

Another Friday, another high five! Every week I share Five highlights, big and small.  Happy Friday! 1 – Solar Eclipse. We were lucky to love be close enough to the Path of Totality that we could watch the eclipse in our backyard, and it was so cool! 2 – Road Trip. Amelia loves a visit… Continue reading High Five For Friday 

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A Colorful, Creative Nursery Progress

Mission: Colorful, Creative Nursery is officially underway! A few weeks ago, I cleared out the second guest room that’s been moonlighting as my sewing room, in anticipation of finally putting Amelia’s nursery together. (Catch up on the details here!) My friend Sommer has been helping me gather ideas, and she even sent a bona fide… Continue reading A Colorful, Creative Nursery Progress

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WIP Wednesday

Another weekly update on my current Works in Progress 🙂 Sweet as Pie Cross Stitch The August pie was just released: Oreo Cream! The pie is stitching up quickly which is a good thing because I’m about to go out of town and will have to leave my projects behind. I like this whole start-a-yearlong-project-in-May… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

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Total Eclipse of the Heart

Were you near the path of totality yesterday to watch the eclipse? Here in Franklin, TN, we were on the edge of the path so our view wasn’t quite as exciting as it was in Nashville, but it was pretty cool nonetheless. Sam’s office was empty, so he came home for lunch and we watched… Continue reading Total Eclipse of the Heart

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Round Robin Quilt: Round 5

This year I’m participating in my first-ever round robin. The idea is fun: start with a square or strip for the center, then pass it around a group of quilters, each adding to it (borders or blocks or whatever they want) and passing it on to the next person each month, until it makes it… Continue reading Round Robin Quilt: Round 5

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High Five for Friday

Another Friday, another high five! Sharing five highlights from the week is my reminder to stay grateful for the little things. This week my friend was in town for a visit and our mission was to set up Amelia’s nursery. Two full days just wasn’t enough time for all the chatting and shopping and hanging… Continue reading High Five for Friday