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A New Sewing Space and a Blank Slate

You know how organizers like Marie Kondo tell you to remove EVERYTHING from a closet/drawer/pantry before putting back what you truly want to keep? That’s just what I did last week so we can finally start putting together Amelia’s nursery.

Our second guest room has been in limbo ever since we moved in, sometimes used for overflow guests, a place to put furniture and boxes we don’t know what to do with yet, and a holding place for my sewing stuff. I’ve been using it as a sewing room for the past year, but I knew it was only temporary because this room was destined to become Amelia’s nursery… eventually.

Well, friends, I think “eventually” is finally here. As her first birthday creeps up, the time has come for Amelia to move out of our bedroom and into her own room. For a while I thought the room could serve both functions as a playroom/craft room, but one Sew Day with a crawling baby convinced me otherwise! It’s just safer to keep my craft supplies separate from her playing/sleeping space.

But where to begin?

Step 1: Clear everything out! 

I moved all my sewing stuff into the guest room closet, including a bookcase full of quilts and craft supplies.

Here’s the Before:


Step 2: Organize and purge!

My sewing stuff was mostly organized already, and it fit surprisingly well into a smaller space. With the miscellaneous stuff left over that didn’t fit into the nursery, I made piles for stuff to be stored in the attic, donated/sold, and trash. I made a few bucks selling some items on the neighborhood buy/sell/trade group, and I have a load ready to go to Goodwill. It always feels good to clear stuff out!

My sewing machine is ready for action, although I’m still fine tuning the organization (and still wondering how to make that power cord situation look better…).


Now the nursery is a blank slate!

Step 3: Beg your design-minded friend for help!!

Lucky for me, I have just the friend to help! During one of our endless text conversations, Sommer volunteered her time and energy to scour the internet and her encyclopedic memory of home design blogs… not to mention all the experience she’s gleaned from remodeling her hundred-year-old house!

I thought I’d get some help with the furniture placement, maybe some sources for cute decor or frames… but wow, she has over-delivered! In the past week, Sommer has sent layout suggestions, rug options, and a ton of creative storage/display ideas. I didn’t even send her measurements on the first pass because I didn’t expect such an expansive game plan!

And the icing on the cake… she is planning a visit to help put it all together!

(True story: we’ve been friends since daycare!)

I am over the moon excited, not just to create a nursery that will look colorful and sweet and cohesive, but to do it all side-by-side with one of my oldest friends. For the first time, the nursery project doesn’t feel completely overwhelming.

Here are a couple sneak peeks of what we’re planning… a mini mood board, if you will.

Quilted Growth Chart
Flashcard Bunting
Picture Book Ledges
Corkboard Art Display

Stay tuned for more progress!


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