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Paint Chip Challenge: Work in Progress

The Music City MQG is doing another fun project this summer: a Paint Chip Challenge! The goal is to design a mini quilt outside our color comfort zone by using two randomly chosen colors.


Here are the rules (paraphrased from Instagram):

  • You must use your two chip colors (prints are allowed as long as they are mostly the color). You can add ONE bridge color, PLUS black or white.
  • What you make is up to you! Minis, mini-minis, bags, table runners… play around and have fun! As a general guideline, 18″-24″ is a sweet spot.
  • To keep everyone on track, post a photo of your fabric pull in July, and show us your WIP in August. Tag with #mcmqgpaintchipchallenge, #musiccitymqg, #nashvillequilters, and #paintchipchallenge
  • Finished projects will be shown off at the September meeting!

At the June guild meeting, we all pulled two paint chips from a box (which of course made me think of Project Runway’s infamous Button Bag). I pulled Kissable, a coral, and Flirty Fuschia… the names don’t really matter but I think it’s funny that they fit a theme. These two colors are definitely a challenge for me!


I don’t have a ton of pink in my stash, so this challenge was on my mind during the guild’s shop hop in July. Success!

Here’s my fabric pull:

I also found some Kona solids that are the PERFECT match: Cerise and Melon.

Now onto the WIP!

I love Anna Maria Horner’s Loominius woven print (Big Love in Candy) and how it features both of my paint chip colors. These two pinks immediately reminded me of flowers, which brought to mind AMH’s reverse applique flower quilts.

Check out her (free) pattern for Spinning Blooms here – it’s gorgeous!

Since this is my first time experimenting with reverse applique, I’m going with Anna Maria Horner’s Folk Flower block pattern, since it’s simple and her CreativeBug class offers step-by-step videos. (Pro tip: you can sign up for a free trial, and choose one class to keep for free after the trial expires.)

I’m going to make a mini with just four blocks, but I love a whole quilt with these blocks set on point!


Last Friday my quilt guild hosted another Friday Night Sew In, so I brought my fabric pull to get started. The hardest part was deciding where to start! I had already watched the Creativebug class videos and took notes, but I still wasn’t sure which background fabric I wanted to use or which prints to use for the flowers and leaves.

So I did some coloring… shout out to Joscelyn who keeps colored pens on hand at all times!

Then I started cutting white for the background… and didn’t have enough! That was actually a happy accident, because I decided to go with the fuschia background and I really like it.

To keep it simple, I’m going to use the Loominous print for both the flowers and the leaves. There’s enough variety that I can fussy cut the parts I like and still come up with four different flowers for each block. It also keeps my color palette to just the two paint chip colors, with the added bridge color of purple from the Loominous print.

At the Friday night sew, I was able to complete four squares with stems, and started cutting out the shapes to insert the reverse applique.


Now I’m at the point where I can audition the fussy cutting for each shape.


I also started playing around with the layout… which do you like??

I laid the blocks on top of the Loominous print to give you an idea of what it will look like.

Option 1: X

Option 2: Diagonal

Option 3: On Point

Let me know what you think!

I’m a bit nervous about the next step… wish me luck! The final product is due at the September guild meeting, so I’ll be sure to share!

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