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High Five For Friday 

Happy Friday! Every week I share Five moments, big or small, that remind me to stay grateful. 

1 – Ten Months! I can’t believe another month has passed and my little baby is inching closer to a year old. This week she’s been pulling up a lot more, especially if she feels the need to lick the side table handle… I love my little weirdo!

2 – Williamson County Fair. Amelia loved the lights, sounds, smells, animals, and music of the county fair last night. (And I loved the fair food!)

3 – Nursery Rug. I love this rug!! And I’m even more excited that my friend who recommended the rug is coming to visit next week!

4 – Music Together. We tried out a music class this week and Amelia had a ball. At one point she crawled to the center of the circle and just waved her hands in delight… even though all the other kids were sitting in their parents’ laps and being shy.  I’m pretty sure she thought all the singing and dancing was just for her. 

5 – Done! It may not be perfect, but my painting spree is donezo, woohoo!

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