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7th Blogiversary!

Tomorrow marks my 7th blogiversary… wow!

Since 2010 I’ve chronicled my “adult” life… starting out as a newly married librarian, to my health saga with thyroid cancer and Crohn’s Disease, living in San Francisco for three years, way too many pictures of my cats, moving to Tennessee three years ago, building our first house in Franklin, the arrival of Amelia last Fall… whew! Blogging has been a constant throughout it all, a habit I’m glad I’ve kept up with since I have seven years of archives to look back on.

In past years I’ve done giveaways and surveys but I have a busy few weeks ahead, so I haven’t had time to put anything together. As you may have noticed, that’s the theme of my life these days… my posts are short and sweet nowadays, but I hope you don’t mind!

I’ve done this one before, but how about a blast from the past instead? I’m in a nostalgic mood.

…Drum roll, please…

My very first blog post from 2010:

Crohn’s & Poems… The Names That Will Never Be
August 16, 2010

So, how to start your very first blog post?  I don’t remember this is any of my education classes… the First Step, of course, is choosing a name.  I am not exactly creative when it comes to naming things.  My childhood blanket was named Blankie.

Blog.  Blog name.  Blog title.  It has to somehow describe the writing you aim for… to somehow embody your life in a word or two.  And when I try to think of my life, my grand ambitions, my passions… all I can land on are books.

But that’s ok!  Because books are pretty cool.  They are my friends!  And now, they are even helping to pay the bills.  When I had a midlife crisis during my junior year of college, when I suddenly realized that I definitely did not want to be a teacher and yet found myself knee-deep in student teaching, I turned to books.  I realized that my ever-growing collection of children’s books was not meant for a future classroom (hands off!) but actually were a clue to MY TRUE CALLING… or something like that.

Actually, there was a lot more desperation involved on the night I started googling “what to do with an education degree” and finally realized: duh!  Where can I go to be surrounded by as many books as possible?  Preferably of the picture book variety?  A library!  And I have access to children through a handy-dandy elementary education degree!  And thus, a school librarian was born.

I did the requisite studying, took the requisite test, and actually got a job.  The actual mechanics of said job are another story, but I’ll leave that for another post.  (yes!  There will be more!  I aspire to be a REAL LIVE BLOGGER!)

For now, I give you:

The Names that Will Never Be

1. Crohns and Poems

(my husband’s crowning achievement… however, I’d rather not bring my bodily issues into this just yet)

2. Book Smart

(how nerdy can you get?)

3. My Hands Can do so many, many things

(getting desperate here… plus, that faucet commercial was stuck in my head)

4. TalkTalk

(did I mention I’m bad at naming things?)

5. Book Talk

(I think this has been done before..)

6. Chit Chat, Book Chat, & Craft Chat

(too long?  too ambitious?  Not a winner…)

I guess I’ll live with: The Amateur Librarian

(I hope it’s not blog suicide to put a hardish-to-spell word “amateur” in the title?!)

As always, thanks so much for reading for the past seven years (!!) … and cheers to many more 🙂

2 thoughts on “7th Blogiversary!

  1. I look forward to reading your blog entries ever day, Thank you!
    And congrats on blogging for seven years…”through thick & thin.”


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