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High Five for Friday

Another Friday, another high five! Sharing five highlights from the week is my reminder to stay grateful for the little things.

This week my friend was in town for a visit and our mission was to set up Amelia’s nursery. Two full days just wasn’t enough time for all the chatting and shopping and hanging out that we needed to do, but we managed to make some great progress on the nursery in between all of that! So today I’m sharing five of my favorite SNEAK PEEKS of Amelia’s nursery.

Happy Friday!


1 – Partner in Crime. This girl has an eye for design and the skills to make it all happen! I had so much fun working on this room together, even when things didn’t go our way… which happened a few times!

2 – Nook. This is my favorite corner of the room, from the pink pouf to the cozy glider, but the best part is around the corner… you’ll have to trust me!

3 – HI! This is just a small peek of the ABC wall, but we added a little message by flipping a couple cards around.

4 – Playtime. You’ve seen this rug before, but it really is perfect. The background is a sisal texture and the tribal shapes are made of a softer material. Amelia is obsessed with the high contrast colors and the soft bits.

5 – Starry Night. How sweet is this night lightt??

2 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. I love that rug!! I’d buy one for myself if I didn’t have a cat that would pee on it 😐
    I like that you waited til Amelia was old enough to move into her room before decorating it. Great idea!


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