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Total Eclipse of the Heart

Were you near the path of totality yesterday to watch the eclipse?

Here in Franklin, TN, we were on the edge of the path so our view wasn’t quite as exciting as it was in Nashville, but it was pretty cool nonetheless. Sam’s office was empty, so he came home for lunch and we watched the eclipse together. Amelia took a nap through it all, which was earlier than usual but the timing worked out nicely, so Sam and I could sit in the backyard and watch the sky.



It didn’t get pitch dark, but it looked like twilight for a few minutes, all the street lamps came on, and we heard owls hooting in the forest. Some neighbors were shooting fireworks, although it wasn’t really dark enough to see them that well. It felt like the weird stillness before a big storm. A little eerie but very cool!


In the age of social media, I love events like this when everyone is excited and sharing their experiences; it feels like I attended a hundred eclipse parties even though we never left the house. Who knows where we’ll be the next time there’s a total eclipse so close to home; this one is going in Amelia’s baby book!

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