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A Colorful, Creative Nursery Progress

Mission: Colorful, Creative Nursery is officially underway!

A few weeks ago, I cleared out the second guest room that’s been moonlighting as my sewing room, in anticipation of finally putting Amelia’s nursery together. (Catch up on the details here!)

My friend Sommer has been helping me gather ideas, and she even sent a bona fide Powerpoint presentation with layout options, decor ideas, and action items. Here’s a little mood board I put together with some of her inspiration pics.


Whenever I have to buy anything online, I go down the rabbit hole of possibilities and customer reviews and usually end up completely overwhelmed and can’t make any decision at all… so I can’t tell you how helpful it was to have someone I trust do the research, present a few choices, and help me make a decision!

After we decided on a few projects to tackle, Sommer made a trip to IKEA and I gathered as many supplies as possible. I was so happy with the first purchase that kicked off the color scheme for the whole room: this rug!

But even better than all the back and forth (soooo many texts and emails), last week Sommer drove down so we could work on it together. Some things are just better in person! We worked in the nursery every chance we could get… which basically amounts to any time that Amelia was asleep.

Even with two full days (and two travel days), of course there wasn’t enough time to do everything we planned. Any sort of DIY with a baby can be tricky (especially since we had to work around the fact that we couldn’t move the crib while the baby was sleeping in it!) and we hit a few roadblocks along the way, but we made a lot of progress.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Day 1
Finalize furniture layout (this seems like such a simple thing, but it took most of the day!)
Build toy storage
Wash and dry curtains
Decide on placement of picture ledges
Day 2
Iron and hang curtains (in the other guest room too!)
Target trip for accessories: pouf, night light, canopy supplies
Hang wall decor: growth chart, rosettes, ABC flashcard wall
Hang picture ledges
That last item is where the day started to go awry.
The “door wall” was very tricky to design from the get-go, since most of the usable space was taken up by the door swings of both the entrance door and closet door, which ruled out placing any furniture or even breakable framed art on that wall. We planned on hanging two long ledges for picture book display, but we discovered that the wall wasn’t level! Without convenient studs, it was a no go. So we re-evaluated our plans and had to shift everything around.
Instead of hanging ABC flashcards over the crib, we moved them to the door wall. It fills the space nicely and looks adorable! There’s enough room for toy storage, and a soft basket that won’t get hurt if the closet door swings into it.
Instead of using the long picture ledges, we hung shorter ledges by the window, which creates the coziest reading nook.
In the corner between the changing table and crib, there wasn’t enough room for another piece of furniture, so we needed something tall and soft to take up visual space. (On Pinterest and design blogs, this is where a giant stuffed giraffe or other zoo animal is always placed.) While browsing Target, a canopy seemed like a brilliant idea… but unfortunately cell service was nil so I bought supplies without looking up a tutorial first. (Always a bad idea!) After hacking a hula hoop in half and cutting holes into a twin sheet, rendering both non-returnable, the finished result was less than perfect and I had to admit defeat. It was a good idea, I just didn’t have the right supplies.
There are still a few projects I need to do and walls to fill to officially call the nursery “done.”
The biggest item on the list is actually moving Amelia and her crib in! Since we’re doing some travel next week, Amelia has been using the pack n play in the nursery for naps, but we’ll have to disassemble the crib to fit it through the door when it’s officially time to switch rooms.
Even with some items still on the To Do list, I am so, so happy with the nursery! It is my favorite room in the house and I love sitting in the corner, rocking and reading a story, or watching Amelia play on the rug.
Amelia loves playing in here, and I know she’ll be happy to have her own room very soon!
Last but not least, three cheers for Sommer! I could never have gotten this far without her… both in the nursery and as friends!

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