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A Day in the Life: August 2017

I always enjoy “A Day in the Life” posts from other bloggers to get a peek into their daily lives (AKA I’m nosy), and it’s been a while since my last update… 8 months, in fact!

Before Amelia came along I was a typical nine-to-fiver and my days were pretty predictable. Now that I’m at home full time, my days are a lot different! In some ways I have more flexibility during the weekdays, but in other ways I’m tied to the house more thanks to an unpredictable baby’s schedule… but I’m so thankful I get to be at home with her for the time being, since this season of life won’t last forever!

If you want a peek at the SAHM life with a 3-month-old, check out this post:


I tracked my time on a pretty typical Thursday a couple weeks ago, the day before Amelia turned 10 months old. Here’s what a day in my life looks like!

6:30 AM. Amelia wakes up, and I bring her into bed to nurse. I don’t get much cuddling these days, she wakes up raring to go! She’s immediately crawling all over the bed, before we’ve had much of a chance to wake up entirely.
7:15 AM. Sam’s alarm goes off, he gets up to take a shower.
7:30 AM. Amelia convinces me to get out of bed (quite loudly) for a diaper change, and then I strap her into the front carrier. I putz around for a bit, starting a load of laundry, feeding the cats, and making the bed.
8:00 AM. Make breakfast: hot tea, two eggs, and a toasted mini bagel for me. For Amelia, I cut up a peach and get out apple slices, cheese, and a puree pouch.
8:15 AM. Amelia likes to eat one thing at a time, and drops everything she doesn’t want over the side of her high chair. She thinks it’s hilarious. I feed her bits of my breakfast (the bagel is a favorite), and we share the peach slices.
Another funny thing Amelia does right now: she always rests one foot up on the tray while she eats. When it’s time to clean up, I wipe her mouth, two hands, and one foot!
8:40 AM. Sam leaves for work and turns on the sprinkler to water the front lawn on his way out.
8:45-9:15 AM. I clean up the breakfast dishes while Amelia sits in the high chair. After wiping Amelia down,  I switch the laundry loads, wrestle a wiggly baby for another diaper change and outfit for the day, and brush my teeth. While I get dressed for a walk, Amelia crawls around my closet.
9:15-10:00 AM. Go for a walk in the stroller around the neighborhood. Amelia watches the scenery and babbles the whole time, and I listen to a podcast (Post Show Recaps Game of Thrones).
When we get back home, I turn off the sprinkler, switch the laundry loads, then it’s time for Amelia’s first nap. We nurse in the glider and Amelia goes to sleep immediately.
10:00-10:30 AM. I shower and get dressed for the day.
10:30 AM-12:20 PM. While Amelia naps, I fold two loads of laundry, start writing this blog post, and catch up on social media.
Normally Amelia is up around 11:30, so I keep expecting her to wake up… but she just sleeps on. I cross stitch for a bit on the couch, texting a neighborhood friend of mine.
We try to get together with our babies once a week, on Tuesdays or Thursdays, but the window of time is slim. Luckily both babies take unexpectedly long naps, so we’re still on for a play date. Sometimes we go for a walk, but today it looks like rain so we decide to meet up at a nearby coffee shop.
12:20 PM. Amelia is up! I nurse her, change her diaper, then pack up and head to Coffee and Coconuts.
12:45 – 2:00 PM. I’ve only been to this coffee shop once before, and it is the cutest! I’m starving by this point so I get a greek yogurt bowl with granola and fruit to eat along with an iced chai latte. There are two swing chairs hung from the ceiling, which keep the babies entertained while we catch up. I feed Amelia cheerios and fruit from my bowl. It’s time to go when both babies start shrieking. We lasted longer than I thought possible; successful outing!
2:00-2:30 PM. Back at home, we play in the living room before nap time.
Despite my best attempts at distraction, Amelia keeps scooting straight for the cat food. Good practice for learning the word “No,” I guess.
2:30 PM. After another diaper change, we nurse before nap time. Amelia cries a bit and I watch her on the video monitor sitting up and rolling around in the crib, but she settles down and is asleep by 2:45 PM. I don’t know how I lived without a video monitor for so long!
While Amelia naps, I work on this blog post and plan my posting schedule for the next few weeks. We’ve got visitors in town soon and a trip to visit my parents coming up, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post every day, but I keep a notebook of post ideas to help me plan ahead.
I’m feeling tired today, so instead of starting another load of laundry I sit outside for a bit, reading Jane of Austin by Hillary Manton Lodge. I may or may not doze a bit.
I keep thinking Amelia will wake up soon, but she sleeps until a record-breaking 4:20 PM!
4:30 PM. Nurse again, then hang out talking and playing and rocking in the glider. Amelia’s nails are getting long again, so we sit outside for a bit to clip her nails. As long as there’s a cat nearby, she’s distracted enough.
5:00 PM. FaceTime with my Mom, then continue the conversation on the phone. Now that Amelia is so active, it’s hard to Facetime one-handed for long, but I’m thankful we have the technology to keep in touch from a distance!
5:30 PM. Sam comes home. He plays with Amelia while we open the mail, feed the cats, etc. I nurse Amelia again and then we’re ready to head out to the Williamson County Fair.
6:15 – 8:00 PM. Normally the time between 6-8 PM is filled with dinner, bath, and bedtime. But today is a bit different from our usual routine!
Instead, we eat dinner from food trucks, browse the exhibits, visit the livestock, and end the night with live bluegrass music. (For more pics, see this post!)



8:30 PM. Back home, I put Amelia to bed and she falls asleep quickly. We’re all tired so we collapse on the couch.

10:00 PM. After wasting too much time scrolling the internet on my phone, it’s time for bed! And so ends another day.

I wrote this in January but it still holds true a few months later:

Writing this post and tracking my day was actually super helpful. This was a pretty typical day at home, but Amelia’s nap schedule is still pretty flexible, so I never know if I’ll be able to get anything on the To Do list done… and some days it’s 8 PM and I wonder “What did I DO all day?” Now I know!

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