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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday!

Every Friday I share five highlights, big and small, as a way to recap the week and stay grateful. 

1 – Eleven Months. It’s hard to believe we’e only one month away from Amelia’s first birthday! We had a cozy week at home, unfortunately because Amelia had to recover from her first cold. 

2 – McKay Used Bookstore.  Always an adventure! No matter how many books I purge, I always bring a few more home. 

3 – Paint Chip Challenge. It’s fun to try something new every now and then, and my quilt guild’s Paint Chip Challenge has pushed me to try two new skills: reverse appliqué and hand quilting. It’s due on Saturday so I’m busy stitching away to make the deadline!

4 – PSL Season. It’s here and I’m all in. The weather even cooperated with a few days of cloudy skies and cool temps. 

5 – Bows. Usually I don’t bother with bows, but I wouldn’t resist. Amelia is starting to look like a toddler now, not my little baby, and I don’t know how to feel about it. 

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