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Meow Monday: Precious Pets

The cats don’t make it to the blog nearly as often as they used to, but I had to put together a special edition of Meow Monday for their latest adventure: modeling!

They were featured in the “Precious Pets” column of our neighborhood magazine and I got a kick out of seeing them in print. I provided answers to the magazine’s questionnaire, and they sent a photographer one afternoon for a photo shoot. Unfortunately I can’t say they were very precious… Cora scratched the photographer and Tali hid the whole time… but we still love them anyway.


Pet names: Cora and Tali
Type of animal/breed: Both are short-haired cats
Male or female: Female
Pets’ age: Cora is 8 and Tali is 10

Where/why did you get your pets?

As newlyweds, we knew we needed a cat to make our tiny townhouse feel like a home. We didn’t own a couch yet, but a week after moving in we brought Cora home from the Humane Society in Starkville, Mississippi. Katie went with a friend and picked the only kitten that was climbing her cage and meowing constantly. Cora was chosen for her personality and she’s lived up to that first impression!

We adopted Tali from the same shelter a year later, and this time we went together and chose the black cat that had been there the longest. Not only was she the oldest cat, she was also the sweetest, and had the patience to tolerate her wild “sister” Cora.


Is there a story behind their names?

Sam picked both the cats’ names but there’s no special story behind them. Katie likes to say that Cora is named for the celebrity chef Cat Cora, who is also from their home state of Mississippi. Tali is the name of a video game character that Sam liked in college. Much like their daughter’s name Amelia, Cora and Tali are the only names that both could agree on!


Anything special or unusual about them (talents/quirks)?

Cora is a feisty cat who always has something to say. If Sam calls her name, she’ll respond by meowing back, but she won’t speak to anyone else. Cora also has a talent for hunting small rodents and bringing them home, much to her family’s dismay!

Tali is a sweet cat with plenty of quirks. We installed pet doors so both cats could come and go outside, and Tali loves to lay outside soaking up the sun all day. She has worn a path in the grass to her favorite tree outside.

What do you like best about your pets?

Tali is the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet, and she lets 11-month-old baby Amelia “pet” her even though she’s still learning to be gentle. Amelia squeals whenever she sees Tali walk by.

Cora is loyal to her family, although she doesn’t warm up to visitors easily. She can be quite contrary, but we love her anyway!

Any funny stories?

Cora’s talent for hunting has brought some interesting animals into our house. One morning we woke up to a baby bunny hopping around the laundry room, scared but unharmed. That incident led us to locking the cat doors at night!

Tali had a grand adventure last summer when she wandered too far from home. She has never missed dinnertime, so we knew something was wrong when she didn’t come home one night. After alerting the neighborhood Facebook page that our cat was missing, we had several sightings that led us all over the neighborhood. One neighbor spotted Tali on his back porch, but no amount of calling her name or offering treats could get her to come out of hiding. Somehow she found her way home and showed up the next morning completely unruffled, but hungry!

How spoiled are your pets?

The cats have trained us to let them in and out all night long, which probably answers the question succinctly!


What else should we know about your pets and/or how your pets have enriched your home/family?

Cora and Tali have been part of our family for our entire married life, including cross-country moves from Mississippi to California to Tennessee. Since Amelia joined the fun almost a year ago, the cats have been a constant source of fascination to her, and we love watching her face light up whenever she sees them.


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