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Alabama Adventures 

Happy Halloween! We’re celebrating with a play date at Arrington Vineyards and passing out candy to trick or treaters tonight. At least that’s the plan… but life with a one-year-old has been throwing me for a loop lately! Just when I think I know what to expect, our routine has gone out the window and… Continue reading Alabama Adventures 

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High Five for Friday

Every Friday I share five highlights, big and small, from my week. Amelia and I have been visiting my parents in Alabama this week, so here are some of our happiest memories from our trip. Happy Friday! 1 – Pumpkin Patch. ‘‘Tis the season! This local pumpkin patch was perfect for Amelia’s age: farm animals… Continue reading High Five for Friday

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Costume Club Cross Stitch Cube Finish

Another finish, just in time for Halloween! I finished stitching this adorable pattern last year but just finished it up last week. I am still loving these super easy cube finishes! I bought a few fun embellishments from JoAnn’s and then gathered all my faux gourds together for a little photo shoot on the front… Continue reading Costume Club Cross Stitch Cube Finish

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Sweet as Pie Cross Stitch: September 2017

I thought I was taking a break from yearlong cross stitch projects, but those sneaky Frosted Pumpkins caught me at a weak moment by debuting a new mystery SAL during my birthday month… and the thought of chronicling my 30th year with adorable kawaii pies was too cute to resist! So here I am again… Continue reading Sweet as Pie Cross Stitch: September 2017

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Weekend Adventures

This fall seems to be rushing by already, but we squeezed in some seasonal fun over the weekend while my parents were visiting. Sam and I were lucky enough to sneak in a date night (2 in one week!) to see LCD Soundsystem on Friday night, and after a grand day of window shopping and… Continue reading Weekend Adventures

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We’re All Here Because We’re Here

Sometimes this blog is heavy on the craft chat, sometimes chit chat, and sometimes book chat. I consider it a lucky week when I get to go to not one but TWO book-related ventures, both at the War Memoirial pavilion near the Nashville Public Library.  I’m a big fan of John Green’s books, from The… Continue reading We’re All Here Because We’re Here